Company Introduction

The cannery was founded as a family enterprise in 1982 in Baranya County, in the village of Lánycsók which is 180 kilometers from Budapest. The production of traditionally flavoured heat treated canned food is determining. As a result of the good economic environment the production was widened year by year regarding its quantity and structure. The two basic conditions of our success are the modernly built and equipped cannery and the all along family enterprise management. Currently, we produce more than 200 kinds of products in 450 types of packaging. Our products – vegetables, pickles, bottled fruit, tomato products, food flavourings – do not contain preservatives and they only expire after 3 years. We possess HACCP, SGS and GOST international quality certificates. Our canned goods are very popular in Western Europe but we also export to the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Russia as well. Due to the flexibility of the cannery, we can satisfy every special demand quickly. The gross production in 2000 was 7000 tons of finished products and the cannery’s full capacity is 5-6 times more than this.